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Saturday 6:00 PM Eastern Time


IMPORTANT: Final prize will be adjusted based on the total number of eligible teams seeded into the bracket.


This mode is played in the public "Gunfight" lobby of the Alpha Test for Modern Warfare


Step 1: Hosting player invites their opponent to their lobby.

Step 2: Ensuring the gamertags are correct and everyone is ready to play the hosting team starts the match.

Step 3: Most kills wins, play all the rounds and try to get as many kills as you can. The player with the most kills at the match finish wins the map.

Step 4: Capture video proof including your given 4 digit clan tag to present as proof of winning your match.

Step 5: You play 1 map if it is a 1nD or Best of 1, and a series of maps if it is a Best of 3 or 5. Win 2 maps to win a Best of 3, and 3 Maps to win a Best of 5.


Rules are subject to change at any time due to the nature of this being an Alpha Test of the game.


Ties - in the instance of a tie in kills damage will be the deciding factor - if tied in kills and damage - the player with the least amount of deaths wins - if tied completely replay - please capture full and clear proof of this


If any of the two random players in the public lobby leave you must continue to play 2v1. If both leave you must replay, however, the kills, damage, and deaths carry over into your replay. Be sure to capture clear proof of these kills.


if you join a match and it's underway, leave and restart a fresh one immediately


  • 1v1 - Gunfight Pubs

    The host of the match will be outlined on the match details page, Best of matches where the final map is TBD will be determined by the player with the most kills across the first maps. If tied in kills still the player who hosted map 1 will host again.


    AFD Reserves the right to cancel or replay any match for any reason due to the nature of this releasing being in beta testing we may need to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve this right to ensure fair and sportsmanlike play.


    Ping is not a valid indicator of lag for us to identify lag we must see in-game evidence of that lag like skipping, freezing, rubberbanding, etc. All proof of lag is to be supplied at the end and an administrator will decide if it was drastic enough to warrant a replay or cancel.


    Disconnections 15 seconds after match start replay will not be issued without valid proof of disconnect these are dedicated servers


    If enough evidence is provided of a user hosting to a region in a malicious manner to force lag upon their opponents, they may have the match canceled. Continuance of this behavior may result in unfavorable outcomes for the offender at an administrators discretion.